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Debra Jones

Owner and Co-Creator


I am love

I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! I don't need to know you or even see you because I don't see the person you see in the mirror.

I may see a badass goddess or wholehearted warrior that if given the chance to see what I see, you'd love yourself too. You'd be unstoppable...unstoppable at being YOU. That may be someone you have not yet met, let alone fallen in love with. That's okay. I get it. I haven’t always lived free. I know self-hate, self-sabotaging behaviors and what it feels like to live someone else's dream. These stories no longer define me, but they do offer you an entry point into my cellular memory. You will understand why my compassion and empathy for all beings and unflagging belief in you is so strong. You will feel this place of safety and zero judgment that drives my loving approach -- sometimes gentle and other times not so much -- that may inspire you to shed all that no longer serves you.

You get one “bucket” in this life and it is not divided up into “work” and “life”. It’s just life. So, I invite you to find that tummy-tickle inspiration that bubbles up and the thrill of feeling life breathing you regardless if you are at “work” or “play”. Your true work is YOU, it's not what you do. It's about life-fulfillment and feeling life fully, not numbing to tolerate one more day. That's not living. You are free - you are truly free.

At BodyMindBusiness, we help you reclaim the way you work, think and live. We are passionate about authentic living and personal and professional expansion. Our signature is to make a difference. We seek to transform lives, companies and communities with an intuitive and holistic approach to creating sustainable, integrated and sexy systems that elevate wellness, productivity and profits.


I live in the Treasure Valley of Southwestern Idaho where I am awakened daily to the beauty of nature and blessings of living with my multi-species family at the Dame Ranch. So, it suits me well that most of my life has been grounded in agriculture -- from growing up on a farm to a career in agricultural research and even owning my own seed business. In 2006, I made the leap from a successful agri-business career to pursuing a personal journey towards better well-being for myself and my daughter. This quest has lead me to claim my own new way of being.

I discovered early on that I had a unique gift of insight (systematic AND intuitive) and a desire to help people. This pairing makes for an easier and happier life for the people, and animals, I am meant to serve :). I completed professional life-coach training curriculums like the Hilton Johnson’s Health Coach Training Program, the DreamBuilder program from Life Mastery Institute and achieved Dynamic Workplace certification through Kent Burden’s My Life Fitness. These trainings helped me refine my talents into a unique co-active coaching style and introduced me to tools that help me serve my clients. There is no one-size-fits-all program because true Mastery comes from within. Helping people reclaim the truth that is already inside them and to find the internal courage to close the gap between the life they are living and a life filled with true joy, well-being and purpose is my true service. I inspire people to take conscious control of their lives, to express themselves fully and find authentic happiness in whatever way is perfect for them.

In 2010, I founded BodyMindBusiness, LLC. Its purpose – to be a catalyst to awaken and shift teams, companies and individuals to become strong forces sparking greater corporate and collective consciousness. In late 2013, I was compelled to step away from BodyMindBusiness and bravely went inside the corporate world. By now I trusted my new way of being – being in alignment with my deep knowing was non-negotiable – in spite of my fears. It took all my courage to accept a position at one of the most polarizing companies in corporate America. I was an entrepreneur. Taking a job is considered failure to an entrepreneur and I feared potentially compromising (intentionally or not) my very being. Yet, my knowing was breathing me as I took deliberate inspired action.

It was apparent that everything I had experienced and accomplished to this point was divinely orchestrated to get me here. It finally mattered that I grew up on a farm in Southern Idaho; it mattered that I got a Masters in Agronomy; it mattered that I spent years working in quality control and later managed a Cereal Quality Lab; it mattered that I was a former traits licensee and seed partner of Monsanto; it mattered that I was living in Bozeman, MT; it mattered that my daughter could have life experiences with her grandparents; it equally mattered that I was a certified and experienced wellness and life coach. It was like all these pearls of my life were being strung together to mean and make something beautiful.

The next 3 years were a helluva ride and it’s where I met Kristin. I had the privilege of working alongside and coaching some of the most brilliant people on the planet. All of my gifts, talents and trainings were put to the test in a real-life situation that sometimes resembled boot camp and other times a playground. Our “corporate assignments” were completed in 2016 and we now breathe new life into BodyMindBusiness…or more accurately, it is breathing us as we claim a higher way to serve. We have a courageous love affair with the unknown and we are willing to be known by what we have not known as yet. We know who we are in truth, we know what we are in truth and we know how we serve in truth…we claim this for you as well.

I look forward to connecting with you,


Kristin Schneider



I am here

One thing is for sure, I am. I am just like you and like everyone who has chosen to be present now. I have a story and a history and while that history is not who I am in truth, it might be worth relating.

In February 2016, I left my 17-year career in research science at a major corporation. During that career, I traveled the world, met extraordinary people, engaged in tummy-tickle scientific discovery which triggered many significant high-fives, and I expanded in ways I cannot even credit. For a very long time, my identity was defined by my education and my service in this capacity. I bought into all the corporate success labels and navigated the corporate ladder with some success.


"I love how Deb serves and wanted to be a part of something that builds people up so they can recognize their true potential, power and worthiness to claim abundance and infinite tummy-tickle inspiration!"


Late in my career, I had the fortunate opportunity to build my own team-- from scratch. We worked together to choose our own operating truths and the truth of it was we wanted to support each other and to feel supported in return. We wanted to know each other and experience our lives together and we became friends and comrades. This is where I met Deb. We had instant affinity and shared a common belief in the truth and splendor of people especially when they feel supported because they are seen as who they truly are. Our team thrived in this little corner of the world and we changed people’s lives in remarkable ways.

The great gift of life is that events are always changing, always in flow. We are constantly presented with opportunities to shed our histories and our identities that were built upon these experiences. I was presented with just such an opportunity and decided to take it. I abandoned my career, I sold my house and all my belongings and moved into a 40-foot motorhome to travel the country with my husband and dog. I am free! I am free! I am free! – and so are you (of course not everyone has to go to such an extreme).

I am a self-proclaimed individualist who thrives on freedom and autonomy and am ready and willing at any time to step into the next adventure. And, apparently, this is it. I love how Deb serves and wanted to be a part of something that builds people up so they can recognize their true potential, power and worthiness to claim abundance and infinite tummy-tickle inspiration. I am owner of The Dame Ranch, LLC (not to be confused with the Dame Ranch) and dameranchdesigns.com both of which I hope you will encounter in these pages.

Looking forward to meeting you in the future and until then please remember: You are free, You are free, You are free . . .


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