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Gail Hobbs

Twin Falls, ID

"Before I met Deb Jones, I was fearful and mistrusting. Yet, in just 2-4 weeks, Deb guided me through monumental changes, allowing me to stop anxiety and fear producing behaviors, get out of my head, care for and trust others, and begin living instead of floundering through my existence.

She gave me tools to avoid old habitual behaviors and free myself from my negative self-talk. She intuitively worked with me, helping me to find the strength that resides within me and resources to maintain a positive energy flow. These changes will last the rest of my life as I no longer feel imprisoned."

Note: names referred to within testimonials, other than the writer’s and Deb’s, have been changed for confidentiality.

 Debra is the most authentic, accepting and genuine person I know. Her ability to hold everyone whole, well and resourceful inspires trust and motivates people to reach beyond their comfort zones. It wasn’t just the impact to the bottom line that was positively impacted by Deb’s presence and coaching activities (whether one-on-one or in groups) as the increase in productivity was documented over and over. It was the tangible boost to morale, the witnessing of teams that supported one another and built each other up that convinced me that there is an approach to employee development that can deliver results and bring life-fulfillment to employees at all levels. To be perfectly honest, Debra exemplifies the caring and concern that is aspired to in many corporate cultures. She is courageous in having the crucial conversations, unapologetic in her authenticity, and driven to find fulfillment for the benefit of both parties. Debra’s impact on those with whom she connects is extraordinary. I am continuously amazed by the growth she elicits from others and it reinforces my belief in the source of goodness in all things.

Kristin Schneider, Global Wheat Breeding Lead, Monsanto, Filer, ID

 Every organization needs to be smart enough to direct its steps with true purpose and intent. It is so easy to get busy surviving and we forget the things that make us thrive. Deb Jones has a special skill for assessing current state and helping to align purpose and activity. This is something that you never forget once you learn, but must be exercised regularly to be effective. With Deb, you not only get the time it takes to help learn and direct action, she will follow up with accountability. This is one of the things that sets her apart. It is not just the creation of a map; it is the skills and accountability to be able to read it and take the journey.

Matt Brenneman, Testing Systems Lead, Monsanto, Saint Louise, MO

 Debra helped us overcome our biases and self-protection to function smoothly as a team, to see all sides, to encourage instead of inhibit.  She worked closely with the managers of the temp labor, as well as with the temp labor themselves to help them function as a group, overcome petty differences, and worked one on one as needed with personal issues.  To me, this was one of the most telling aspects of Debra’s innate sense of care for people.  She would work with the most “important” person in the company structure, as well as the most temporary of temporaries, and truly value their sense of worth.  We saw numerous circumstances where people’s lives had been changed or impacted for the better, and it was truly moving. Multiple groups benefitted from spending time with Debra for problem solving, flow charting, and building better systems.  I whole heartedly endorse Debra, and am confident that you will not find many people as caring, honest, and hardworking, along with an unbridled passion for helping others. She is truly one of the bravest people I have ever met!

Sid Perry, Wheat Breeder, Monsanto, Filer, ID

 It is not often you find a manager that guides you to a better life style. I cannot speak for others, but Deb has not only helped my productivity at work, but my overall well-being. Knowing that she and the company values me – and not just my work productivity, but she takes the time to help me be healthy in mind, body and soul. It may only be a half hour a week during her Wellness Wednesday lunch meetings, but I have learned my core values, my beliefs and have set a support system to stay accountable to the goals I have set. We walk together, learn how to improve our posture, work out at work, and how to value ourselves enough to make the time to eat healthy. I am a true testament that because they showed the initiative to care about me in and outside of work, I have invested myself to be productive, healthy and accountable in life!

Tara Ihde, Wheat Quality Lab Technician, Monsanto, Filer, ID

 Before I met Deb Jones, I was fearful and mistrusting. Yet, in just 2-4 weeks, Deb was able to guide me through monumental changes, allowing me to just stop the anxiety and fear producing behaviors, get out of my head, care for and trust others, and begin living instead of just inadequately floundering through my existence. She gave me tools to avoid old habitual behaviors and free myself from my negative self-talk. She intuitively worked with me, helping me to find the strength that resides within me and resources to maintain a positive energy flow. These changes will last the rest of my life as I no longer feel imprisoned. I have finally squeaked through a gate in my wall and realize how wondrous the world is on the outside-I choose to never go back. With Deb as my guide, I have found success and nurturing in my work environment in a way that I have never experienced in the 25 years of being in the workforce.

 I come to work to feel the connections with my co-workers and to produce quality work, which helps the people I work with to radiate the same nurturing energy to people they come in contact with. This observable ripple effect has affected the entire workplace and continues to radiate out into the world. I love coming to work for the first time. I have thrived under her tough, deep questioning and unconditional love. I feel the day we met was the most fortuitous of my life.

 We call Deb the chief happiness officer at the Filer site. She inspires everyone to take personal action and to make oneself happier by creating more wellness in our lives. She has created a culture of love and caring in the workplace. Deb has made a personal impact on many of the staff just by being supportive and nonjudgmental, and has permanently changed our lives for the better. Deb truly is the “People Whisperer”.

Gail Hobbs, Wheat Quality Lab Technician, Monsanto, Filer, ID

Laura Rhodes

Business Owner, Third Sector Consulting, Bozeman, MT

"Do you remember when the Wizard leaves Oz in his hot air balloon? Dorothy feels alone, and she’s afraid that she will never find her way to the one place where she truly longs to be. Then Glinda, the good witch, appears.

Dorothy (to Glinda): Oh, will you help me? Can you help me? Glinda: You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas. Dorothy: I have? Scarecrow: Then why didn’t you tell her? Glinda: If I told her, she wouldn’t have believed me. She had to learn it for herself.

Before I met Debra Jones, I was Dorothy. Deb became my Glinda.

After my VIP Day and personal coaching sessions, I understood exactly who I am and how to use that self-awareness, both personally and professionally.

Deb helped me understand – and believe – that my business can reach new heights. Just like the Wizard in his balloon!"

Matt Brenneman

Testing Systems Lead, Monsanto, St. Louise, MO

"In business and in life sometimes we are most perplexed by the things we believe to be true. Deb enabled a change of perspective and extracted the raw building materials that were inside me that I could not access on my own. 

On this particular instance, change was starting to occur on our organization and our group was managing through a budget limited period. I knew we had to find a way to stay relevant and participate within the larger organization, but could not find the words or create the plan to do so. I had the chance to tell Deb of my circumstance and that planning this out was not working out during a normal working week. 

At her suggestion, she made herself available on a Saturday so that we could take the time to block out the distractions of the week and focus on this activity alone. This alone was a great lead in. To make myself completely available to this project and for her to sacrifice her personal time to make it possible. 

When we met, Deb did not try to tell me how to plan or what to plan, she just made sure that I was truly in the room and putting effort into this process. At one point, I remember shuffling through my computer trying to dig up information when she exclaimed how what I needed was not in a reference document, it was in my head and we would create it. The few hours after was a bit of a birthing process, but very sweet when we saw what we delivered. 

Deb asked the questions that prompted thought and we documented everything that came out. By the time we were done I had 3 large pieces of paper full of notes and a clear direction. In the following days, I could transfer all of that into 2 slides that told a compelling story. I shared those slides with leadership and they made it into several Leadership level presentations on strategic direction for our organization.  I am now in Saint Louis in a role that impacts all North America. Little did I know that the documentation we created that day was really a resume. 

Every organization needs to be smart enough to direct its steps with true purpose and intent. It is so easy to get busy surviving and we forget the things that make us thrive. Deb Jones has a special skill for assessing current state and helping to align purpose and activity. This is something that you never forget once you learn, but must be exercised regularly to be effective. With Deb, you not only get the time it takes to help learn and direct action, she will follow up with accountability. This is one of the things that sets her apart. It is not just the creation of a map; it is the skills and accountability to be able to read it and take the journey."


 Hello, my name is Bryce Beard. I am twenty-two, and I have spent several summers during high school working in the fields for the Seminis/Monsanto research facilities in Filer and Twin Falls, Idaho. Over a year after completing a church mission, I sought work here again and I have been rehired to work for Monsanto through a temporary staffing agency. My purpose is to share my feeling and thoughts towards the “crew coaching” ran by Deb Jones of the wheat division in Filer.

 Let me explain by sharing some of my thoughts of the coaching so far. Deb helped our Wheat Crew make a great positive shift. For the first meeting I was involved with we did a few different things including making some lists together. Without going deep into detail, later in the meeting people within the crew spoke up and problems that may have otherwise been kept in were let out. This maybe the greatest reason that Deb’s coaching is so important. It provides a safe atmosphere to allow co-workers as well as those in charge, to discuss problems at work. I emphasize the word safe. As an employee if you feel that what you say may endanger your employment, you’ll keep it in. Deb provides a safe environment where keeping your job isn’t the issue, but helping solve the problem is the issue.

 My first experience with the coaching experience was great, and later I participated in another coaching experience with my crew. Both times I left feeling better, and I believe most other members of the crew did too. The crew seemed to work better together following the coaching. We were more unified, more together, and this is something all companies hope for. I feel this program properly managed, as to not take away too much time from productivity, could be a huge blessing to your company and to your employees.

Bryce Beard, Field Crew, Monsanto, Filer, ID

 Deb’s coaching has extremely impacted my personal life and work experience. I am glad to have the opportunity to work for a person that doesn’t only know how to be a great boss, but also knows how to be there to support you as a friend and to lift you up when you’re feeling down. Her coaching has helped me in my personal life in being aware of things that I tolerate and learn ways to change those things. One of our topics in a Wellness Wednesdays meeting was the importance of sleep, before this topic I didn’t realize that I was tolerating not sleeping enough because my daughters wouldn’t go to bed early. I learned ways to change their sleeping schedule and make it so that I could get enough sleep and have a better work performance and just feel good throughout the day. The team meetings have helped a lot because when working with other people there is bound to be problems. In our Quality Lab, we’ve had situations where if we hadn’t had a team meeting things would have ended badly or people would have not stayed here because of unresolved issues. Thanks to team coaching meetings and Wellness Wednesday our quality lab has an amazing positive vibe and we have all learned to work together and grow more and more in life.

Diana Carillo, Wheat Quality Lab Technician, Monsanto, Filer, ID

 I have seen the impact of group coaching first hand. We had an instance where our team was not communicating well and it was causing a lot of tension between workers. As a group, we got together for a group coaching session so that everyone could communicate their concerns in an environment where we were encouraged to speak freely. By taking the time to sit down and have a coaching session we are now able to work better as a team. It has personally impacted me by noticing and understanding each of my coworkers individually. Which in turn helps me know how to communicate and work with them more efficiently.

Kaitlyn Mingo, Wheat Quality Lab Technician, Monsanto, Filer, ID

 I would like to begin by saying how much our team coaching meetings have not only helped myself reaching professional and personal goals but the meetings have also helped our entire team by becoming more efficient and productive. They helped resolve social and work issues before they continue to progress into an actual problem. By mutually discussing problems, bottlenecks, or conflicts whether they be in the professional work environment or in our personal daily lives, we can come together and come to a resolution or steps to take to make the situation better and benefit all. I’ve had plenty of jobs before where I would grudgingly look towards another work day with a grimace. However due to these meetings and the work atmosphere here I look forward to returning to work each and every single day. I have personally seen not only productivity increase in my own co-workers but in other teams as well. I have also seen a welcoming atmosphere surrounding not only our work environment in the Wheat Quality Lab but in other seed research departments as well.

Karlie Boren, Wheat Quality Lab Technician, Monsanto, Filer, ID

Nick Ihde

Site Lead, Monsanto, Filer, ID

"Facing challenges working efficiently, under a tight deadline, and maintaining quality; I requested Deb’s assistance helping myself work through a production challenge faced with our seed processing operation.  With her guidance, we mapped out our workflow to identify all steps within the process.  Next, we identified areas where issues were surfacing and worked back to pinpoint the source of the issue.  Lastly, and most effectively, she brought in all members of the team from hourly employees, full time members, and supervisors to assist in the process.  With all eyes examining our workflow, we pinpointed any additional pinch points overlooked and then started tackling solutions.  Some of the biggest challenges faced in terms of productivity and quality were resolved by the communication and fresh ideas from the whole team.  Not every idea from the team was the correct solution, but paired with other tweaks to the system, we overcame significant hurdles.  In this situation, Deb helped us map out our workflow, suggested how to work through the challenge with the team, and ultimately moderated a session that allowed the team to voice their opinions and create solutions as one team.  If I had continued to make decisions from the top down, our productivity and quality goals would not have been met that season.  Deb’s guidance was valuable to the operation and most importantly, to our team.  From that date, their ownership and work also improved with the operation."

 All of Monsanto needs team coaching meetings! They have helped every crew I’ve been on with during the 9 months I have worked here. Team meetings helped everyone get along and work as a team. Before Deb met with us, everyone was trying to get each other in trouble, constantly fighting and complaining. I wouldn’t have been surprised at all if a fight didn’t break out. After Deb came everyone had everyone’s backs. Everyone worked as a team and got a lot done and everyone enjoyed coming to work. In addition, Deb’s weekly Wellness Wednesday meetings helped me make some healthy life decisions. It helped me feel more at peace with others and myself throughout the week. Deb’s coaching taught me many things I didn’t know about myself. Deb is one of the best people you could have coach your team - she has the skills, utilize them.

Coltin Serr, DH Lab Technician, Monsanto, Filer, ID

 Deb’s coaching has helped me conquer fears I never thought I could. She helped me realize I was just inventing a story about myself that was not true nor was it me. Thanks to our meetings I feel better about myself and with that I’m a happier person and I enjoy coming to work and look forward to our next meetings.

Diana Delgado, DH Lab Technician, Monsanto, Filer, ID

 My experience with team coaching was a very positive one. The meetings brought our whole team together. The work environment no long has tension. Instead, it’s comfortable and harmonious. Personally, this helps me focus on my work a lot more. I think having these meetings on a regular basis is highly beneficial for everyone. Team coaching helps everyone to be more centered and productive. Also, it helps us to be safer because our minds aren’t elsewhere.

Emily Johnson, DH Lab Technician, Monsanto, Filer, ID

 I think that Deb’s program with team coaching really works and it has a lot of effect on people like it did with me. My personal experience I that we were having a lot of trouble at work communicating with each other and differences. But Deb helped us talk our way through these things and now I feel that my work is more efficient. At home and out of work I take in everything that Deb has talked to us and used it a lot. Also, it has helped me with family and friends. I love this program because it really helps and it just makes you feel better with yourself and others.

Mayra Delgado, DH Lab Technician, Monsanto, Filer, ID

 I didn’t really think I had time for Deb’s coaching program and was afraid it would cause me to fall behind in my work. But the main concern for me was I didn’t want to be counseled in front of my coworkers nor did I want to be listening to the private thoughts or feelings they might not want to share about themselves in a public setting. It all sounded uncomfortable and unnecessary. But because it was “mandatory” I didn’t have an out. Surprisingly after just a couple meetings, my group, for the most part, conquered the discomfort of sharing in public and we became a true team. And we learned that coaching is not counseling! We still laugh and joke about it; we showed up for our “therapy sessions” even after the coaching program was no longer mandatory. Mindful Monday for us was team collaboration; a safe place to discuss your workplace frustrations and find solutions we didn’t know we knew we were capable of. We celebrated successes when problems were solved and we have more confidence to move on to the next one with a positive outlook. I think most of us spend much more than ninety minutes a month stewing about issues and not finding a solution. I recommend Deb’s coaching – embrace the opportunity to go to a deeper level of acquaintance with coworkers you might not otherwise have ever gotten to know better; let alone have confidence in. I have seen companies spend a great deal of money on team building conferences…where you fall back in someone’s arms trusting them to catch you…climb to heights or build things as a team. Mindful Mondays does that and so much more because we are solving real problems at our work place in real time and building true teams. These teams won’t just catch you when you fall; we want to steady each other. Mindful Mondays is about catching you before you fall (or fail).

Deb Paulk, ESH Technician, Monsanto, Filer, ID

 When the “Mindful Monday” program rolled out, I was concerned about how I was going to have time for another meeting and I was afraid of where the information shared would go. Often it is hard to open up because the things that stress us are normal parts of our job, we feel like we are complaining (thoughts like what’s the point of opening up about our stressors when nobody on the call is going to be able to change the miles we drive or the hours we work), and often times being pressured to spill more and agree to make changes ends up feeling like interrogation instead of stress relief. But in contrast it was a relief to hear what goes through my mind is also on the minds of the other TA’s (testing agronomists). It was good to learn about the personalities of other TA’s and hear how they handle things. I believe these meetings helped me learn to work with the other people on my team, ‘Dan’ is my example. After hearing him talk on the meetings I realized what my personality style does to him, I am an organized, go-go-go person and I come off rude and bossy and end up taking control to get things done. This year I was able to apologize to ‘Dan’ and tell him that the way I work has nothing to do with him because I understand he works just as hard as I do. I know he gets things done and it doesn’t always have to be done my way….. (No comments… typical woman!!) I realized how much as small statement like that built him back up.

 I think these Mindful Monday meetings are going to be hard to adopt across the organization. I think you will always have a group that refuses to join in but you will also have a group that thrives on being able to get things off their chest. I think it takes a strong leader, like Deb, to direct these meetings. That person must have the skills to direct the thoughts into a productive conversation otherwise you could have a whole group of people ticked off and ready to revolt!

Caitlin Conlon-Beckner, Wheat Testing Agronomist, Monsanto, Haskell, TX 

 Because the Di-haploid Lab kind of operates in its own little bubble, I was concerned that we wouldn’t have anything to contribute in our assigned Mindful Monday coaching meetings. But the meetings facilitated interaction with my peers from other areas, which helped further my understanding of how we fit into the breeding process, and how we can contribute in ways other than just producing deliverables. Additionally, gaining an outside perspective from peers about internal problems (scheduling, procedures, labor, etc.) helped navigate difficult obstacles.

 Personally, my favorite part of Mindful Mondays was when we would do activities to discover qualities about ourselves, such as how we learned best, or our core values. Mindful Mondays are a blank-space meeting time, where the topic is determined by the attendees and is intended to identify a difficulty or blockage and utilize the collaboration of peers to create innovative ways of clearing or shifting that blockage. These meetings have given my peers and me the means to identify and tackle obstacles small and large using cooperation and creativity. Mindful Meetings are a blank space that we can utilize as we need it. Occasionally we are introspective, and learn qualities about ourselves that will empower us to be more present in our lives and contribute more fully both at work and home. More frequently, we identify work-related problems and collaborate as a team to share ideas or innovations that allow us to shift or eliminate those difficulties, thus directly impacting the efficiency of our programs. Through Mindful Meetings, I have learned more about myself and my peers, helped solve problems internally and externally, and gained confidence and knowledge about my program and how we contribute to other areas of breeding.

Minden Dice, DH Research Assistant, Monsanto, Filer, ID

 My first thought regarding Mindful Monday meetings was that it was going to be a sort of group “shrink” session which I’ll admit I wasn’t wild about. One thing that I have taken away from the meetings is a mindfulness in regard to thoughts or reactions that I have. I am beginning to understand a bit more the phrase “what are you telling yourself is true”. If another site were to adopt the Mindful Monday program I would advise that they keep an open mind and give it a chance. I do believe there are things that you take away from the meetings that you may not even realize until later.

Mary Kay Morris, Site Administrative Assistant, Monsanto, Filer, ID

 I collaborated with Deb for four weeks while I was serving as the President of the veterans and national guard (Vanguard) business resource network (BRN) within Monsanto Company. Our BRN had been tasked with modernizing our logo to better reflect our mission and better align with our evolving business. A friend put me in contact with Deb based on some work that Deb had done previously to develop a logo for another BRN within Monsanto. Deb was an absolute pleasure to work with and a fantastic source of ideas and enthusiasm as we brainstormed through design elements for our revised logo. It was great to see Deb’s insight and creativity in action. She worked closely with us to generate and compile the ideas and visual elements that we hoped to incorporate in a logo, and then quickly synthesize those raw ideas and elements into a polished and elegant design. She also went above and beyond by completing the work over evenings and weekends so that it wouldn’t interfere with her daily activities at Monsanto. Through just a few calls and emails, the final design that Deb created is spot on, and it’s evident that she clearly understood the messages that we hoped to convey through our new logo. Her design was very well received by company leadership, the network’s leadership, and the broader community of colleagues within our company.

 I highly recommend working with Deb and I can say without reservation that she will bring a positive and valuable impact to any task or team that she joins. Although, I have not had the opportunity to utilize Deb’s coaching services, based on my interaction with her during our project, I found her to be very positive, enthusiastic, friendly, and results oriented. I think she’d be an absolutely terrific coach.

Mike Clements, IFS and Nutrient Management Lead and President of the Vanguard BRN, Monsanto, St. Louise, MO

 I first met Deb as part of the Monsanto Women in Plant Breeding leadership team. She took us all through a values exercise. I enjoyed the entire interaction from start to finish, even if I may have discovered a couple of slightly uncomfortable things about myself (very much worth it – allowed me to connect additional dots). My favorite part of it was how unusual her approach was compared with what I typically encounter at Monsanto. Deb’s coaching feels like “whole self” coaching to me. It’s important to know that it’s a different approach than we often see in corporate culture, but I encourage you to embrace the learning and the experience.

Joy Eickmeier, NA Breeding Operations, Monsanto, St. Louise, MO

Brianna Jones

Business Owner, Delible Doodles, Waipahu, HI

"The first coaching session with Deb was remarkable, she definitely has some sort of brain voodoo magic, her techniques helped me get through mental blocks, limiting beliefs, and pinch points work! It was the progress that I made in the first few sessions that awakened me to a new me, a me that DOES instead of thinks. Also, Deb’s mind work is fueled from her compassion and non-judgement, you can feel that her desire to help comes from a placed of deep love.

For the first time, I identified my fears and was able to see that it is fear that holds me back, this fear is fed by anxiety and overthinking. Debs coaching has allowed me to overcome perfectionism, know that I am enough, and her support sets me on fire, and I feel unstoppable. I was able to put my thoughts into action and create my henna business, then go a step further and promote it. Now I am not just thinking about selling my art, I am taking the steps to make it happen. This is all because of the tools Deb gave me to overcome fear, tame anxiety, and DO instead of think. I am enough and it feels amazing!

Deb’s support as a coach, I have no words for how grateful I am to have met her and share my journey with her. If you struggle with believing you can live free, live your passion, make money doing what you love, I encourage you reach out to her and schedule some time to make a shift. The magic pill that she gave me that I continue to take is “fear and excitement feel the same in the body”. So, get excited about the life you want and can have!"

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Shana Hogg

Business Owner, Way Beyond Fitness, LLC, Bozeman, MT

"If you are ready to take a quantum leap in your life and business NOW, Debra is the coach for you! Deb holds a space of power for me that I have never experienced. She truly partners with me and holds me as a successful, authentic, and powerful person.  When we started, Deb truly believed in me more than I believed in myself and made some of the hardest decisions in my life and business 'easy' with her guidance, support, and direction.

With her intuitive support, tools, strategy and tenacity, I created a 6-figure business in less than 3 days that is completely aligned with who I am and how I want to work with my clients. I enrolled my first ideal client into my “Heal Your Body – Heal Life” 6-month Transformational Program just one day after I was “open for business”!  I could never have accomplished this feat without her and the accountability and direction of her powerful work.  

Deb helped me shift my beliefs from "I could only imagine living the business and life I dream' to 'I am living the business and life of my dreams'.  She guided me to a successful business and cut the path of starting my own successful business by months, if not years.

For the first time, I feel authentic when it comes to sales and marketing because my business is aligned with my values. Not to mention that I feel healthier and more present for my family because I am making extraordinary money and I am making an extraordinary difference for my client, while only working only HALF the hours. I feel like I have my life back and we have only just begun."

 I discovered Deb was an untapped resource beyond her job description after she challenged me with questions which seemed at the time, completely out of context. So, I’ll say it was emotion neutral in a sense that I didn’t have an anticipation of what I actually received; but I’m happy to share initial thoughts of what it was like to discover Deb. It happened (I firmly believe not by chance) when I was undertaking a project at work which required some compromise but handled in a manner where my wellbeing was disproportionately at a disadvantage in this particular case.  To my blessings, a call intended for QMS (Quality Management Systems) leads, ended up serving as a coaching session on ‘self-sabotage’. Strangely Deb was the only QMS manager to attend the call. Deb’s recognition of what I was dealing with mainly as an outcome of her being present in the moment and connecting on a personal level, beyond being there just for the meeting agenda. This all happened very organically and unplanned. I learned about her level of care, concern and empathy; which to me are the main ingredients in the recipe for building trust.  From that point on, I trusted Deb as a resource to count on for professional support in dealing with various circumstances and as a highly-valued colleague and friend who truly has my best interest at heart.

 I tapped into her “Mindful Monday” meetings remotely. These were just one of the numerous ways I’ve benefited from her as a resource in terms of the more deliberate, planned, and targeted sessions she held for groups to facilitate consciousness and grounding.  My favorite exercise was when I was in Filer; the question she asked repeatedly at the beginning of our 1:1 session “who are you”?,  I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that in a way that she did, provoking an introspective quest for self-awareness to the core. Just being able to vocalize who I genuinely believed I was with honesty was an awesome exercise.  Whether the conclusion of who I thought I was, was good, bad or indifferent didn’t matter so much as the realization and confession of it to strive to become a better, more real and it grounded me much more than the futile attempt to creating a persona in order to appeal to my environment.      

 I would classify Deb’s style of coaching as thoughtful/mindful of its audience and the circumstances at a personal/organizational level; perhaps this can be attributed to her training and experience as well as her innate strengths in the area of individualization.  I also love her communication style and her level of empathy.  I can see the impact of her service to make individuals and teams become better at how we go about doing our work on the job and carry an improved life outlook as an enormous benefit to our wellbeing.  As someone who’s witnessed and personally experienced the value of her coaching, I know without a doubt many teams and leaders can benefit from it as well.   

Misiker Mandefro, (co-worker), QMS Lead, Monsanto, St. Louise, MO

 I was most curious to participate in a coaching session with Deb. I was curious about the unknown, would the meeting and exercise be similar to others I’ve experienced? Would it be something new? I’ve had feedback in the past that I am quite self-aware and I feel that I do know who I am. That said, I still feel like I learned something new about myself during our initial session – or at least it was brought to my direct attention rather than just being something I took for granted about me. If I had to put it in one word I’d have to say Deb’s coaching is “effective”. She was able to bring attention to a key area of my personality that has helped me to at least acknowledge it and try to improve my daily work habits as a result.

Edward Cargill, Genome Editing Lead in Global Breeding, Monsanto, St. Louise, MO

Ian Bonner

DH Research Associate, Monsanto, Filer, ID

"Megan’s work performance had been deteriorating; her attitude was becoming negative and toxic to the team. There was very little trust between the two of us, which only made matters worse as constructive criticism fell on deaf ears. It was clear that she felt our team’s leadership was simply “out to get her”, so any discussions related to her performance were digested as a premeditated step towards her firing.

 Megan was one of our oldest (in terms of employment) team members and we did not want to lose her, but her work ethic and soured attitude made the path forward difficult. To be honest, it most other cases we probably would have taken the “easy” route of termination, but we all knew there was a lot of potential in Megan and we just needed to get past whatever barrier was holding us back. Because it was clear that none of us on the team were equipped to break that barrier, we turned to Deb’s help to try and get through to Megan.

After working with Deb, it became clear that Megan had heard and believed the fact that we were not pushing to terminate her position, and that she was in control of her actions and our reactions. This breakthrough in understanding had over-night changes to her attitude towards work and the level of trust between the two of us. Over the next few weeks her work efficiencies turned around, and her willingness to communicate with me opened up. She was no longer timid or afraid to admit faults or mistakes, and was always eager to ask questions and accept criticism. Her team members began speaking more positively of her, recognizing her efforts during our team meetings. She became a leader figure in team exercises and has become a calm and assertive pillar within our team.

This month we recognized Megan as our Team Member of the Month for her great attitude, her role as a partner to others, and her willingness to communicate concerns and problems. Prior to Deb’s involvement I would not have imagined this result would have been achievable. I think it is worth noting that there was no physical change or additional training that enabled Megan to change. Deb’s guidance simply helped Megan to recognize and utilize her potential and skills. Allowing people to believe in themselves and appreciate their capacity in the workplace is extremely valuable and powerful, and for that I am extremely grateful to Deb. Without Deb’s intervention, I am sure we would have lost one of our best team members.

Attached are two figures depicting Megan’s work performance on two of our most critical tasks. She is exceeding our goals and applying herself in a very positive and productive way."


 I felt lighter on my feet after my strategy session with Debra.  In just the initial session, we were able to dig into some deep topics that helped uncover barriers to my success, discovering answers to questions I didn't even know I had. I look forward to continuing my work with her.

– Page Huvette, Business Owner, Vida Flora, Bozeman, MT

 Debra is a very dynamic, personable life coach with a focus on business. Her no holds barred approach allows someone to move very quickly and efficiently to identify anything standing in the way of success. I highly recommend Debra's services to anyone."

Michele Evans, Business Owner, Earth Wind & Fire, Bozeman, MT

 I had the extreme eye opening pleasure of working with Deb Jones. Deb helped me get in touch with my higher-self, and free from fears and doubts, with where I see myself in 5-years. The image of 5 years from now surprised even me! It has also created a platform from which to work now to get myself there. Additionally, she helped me identify some limiting beliefs that were holding me back form truly moving forward with my business in an empowered way. Thank you Deb!

Molly K. Smith, LMT, Bozeman, MT

 Deb Jones is an amazing coach for the transformational entrepreneur. I thought I was a big dreamer until I coached with Deb. I realized I was playing small ball even though I thought I was on track for the win I wanted. The time we spent expanded my vision for business and life in a big way and helped me get much clearer on who I was, what I wanted, and my why.  The work we did in just one simple exercise, brought out my limiting beliefs and allowed me to come face to face with them at a deep core level, and equipped me with a plan to move beyond them. Deb's intuitive and professional coaching will transform you and your business and I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to play in the big leagues in business and life!  

Marian Struble, Team Health Quest, Bozeman, MT

 Debra is adept at motivating others toward common goals and continuous improvement. She is able to quickly identify inefficiencies in staffing and resource allocation to allow decisions to be made to optimize productivity. Further, her in-depth knowledge of statistical analysis enables her to put into place easy to use systems to monitor quality and productivity.  Debra is truly a gem!

– Michael Giroux, Professor, Department of Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology – Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

 Deb is able to inject enthusiasm and a spirit of cooperation and optimism into the workplace.  Her technical expertise is matched by a positive, inclusive approach. She made many procedural improvements which created real results. One thing is certain – Deb made a difference.

– Luther Talbert, Professor, Department of Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology – Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

 Deb quickly created order out of chaos. What was interesting about this was we didn’t know we had chaos in our processes. Deb was able to create new systems that smoothed out processes and data flow. Not surprisingly, the results showed up in very practical ways. The laboratory results became more consistent and reliable. This reduced the amount of retesting required. Over time the more consistent results created an unexpected opportunity to take on more work and to obtain additional productivity gains. We were able to provide support to the organization in new ways. Having Deb on your team is a sure way to increase productivity!   

– Jenette Yearsley, Quality Control Manager – Great Western Malting, Vancouver, WA

Branden Schiess

Foundation Seed Crop Specialist, Monsanto, Filer, ID

"Deb loves people and gets a "high" from helping people overcome challenges and improve their lives. Within a year of her being at the sight, she proposed what she called "Mindful Mondays" to our sight manager. He was a hard sell at first because this took time out of everyone's busy schedule, but eventually warmed up to the idea and she began getting the word out. I was also hesitant at first and not interested in "wasting my time" on a "group therapy'' meeting.

Deb organized us into groups of peers, and meetings were scheduled on Mondays. After we began the program I saw improvements in our sites focus and productivity. I learned that as a group we could work through issues that we each struggled with in our work and personal lives with help from our peers that had similar experiences. We all brought new insights, ideas and connections with people to the table to help each other. As we worked through problems, Deb had us each make goals and commitments of what we were going to do, and always finished by asking each of us, "Are you Complete?", which meant, do you have any questions, are you good with what you have worked through, and are your ready to go get it done? Through this program I was able to get ideas and make connections with people at other sites to help make my program operate more efficiently through the use of new ideas, improved techniques, better equipment and a more positive outlook.

Ideas from these meetings also prompted me to start a new business with my wife that we currently operate together with our 4 boys after work. This program that came from an idea that Deb had as a life Coach and her determination and persistence has literally improved my efficiency at work and affected the life of my family for good!"

Kristin Schneider

Global Wheat Breeder, Monsanto, Filer, ID

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to tell you my experience working with Debra Jones. I was in the midst of rebuilding my wheat research team from scratch and starting a technology-wide organization for the promotion and advancement of women in science when she was hired at Monsanto, the world’s largest multinational agricultural seed and technology company, as our Wheat Traits Quality Laboratory Manager. In addition to Deb’s technical background she came to us with training and certification in co-active coaching having owned and operated her own executive coaching business. 

I had to learn what “co-active” coaching was but as we utilized Debra’s coaching methods it soon became apparent that she was intentionally teaching people how to empower themselves and building up their confidence and desire to be their own leader.

It wasn’t just the impact to the bottom line that was positively impacted by Deb’s presence and coaching activities (whether one-on-one or in groups) as the increase in productivity was documented over and over. It was the tangible boost to morale, the witnessing of teams that supported one another and built each other up that convinced me that there is an approach to employee development that can deliver results and bring life-fulfillment to employees at all levels. 

As a result of Deb’s tutelage employees expanded beyond their comfort zones and when they realized that they were supported by their co-workers and leadership they, in turn, supported their co-workers and their leadership. The “hard” conversations were no longer “hard”; they were fun. Deb’s coaching impact was most apparent on our medium-sized team and we were grateful to have our own personal coaching professional. But as her reputation spread there was no world area too small. She assisted us with our Women in Science Exchange Leadership Team, and other research groups within our global technology organization.  So, I ask you this, “what extraordinary things could you and your teams accomplish if you knew that you were unconditionally supported at your workplace?”

If you are looking to step out of the mold and build something unique to your company, I would strongly consider what Debra has to offer. You won’t get a stale program that has been used in other organizations. You won’t get one either that was developed by one authority figure and then imposed on the rest The result, I am confident, will be an approach that was developed by and for your employees. Your employees and leaders will demonstrate unanimous buy-in because it is a co-creative process where Debra simply serves as the conductor. You already have the smartest and most creative people working for you and they have everything they need to make your company an example of a new kind of workplace. This kind of empowerment and legacy will continue long after you and your current leadership are gone."

"You never know who you might meet that could change you life."

When I asked Kristin to write a testimonial, I had no idea that in future years we'd be co-creating a whole new way of being for ourselves and others.

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