How We Serve

A seemingly incongruous collection of what we love to do. Surprisingly, these endeavors -- intuitive coaching, creating laboratory efficiencies & sexy systems, web design, an alternative income generating business support community and digital business cards -- are intricately ingenuously interwoven to empower and support our community as we pursue our individually inspired dreams. Curious?

Let's Connect!

We are inviting you to join us on an unprogramming journey to experience yourself and your team in a new way.

At BodyMindBusiness our joy comes from helping you remember who you are, what you are and how you serve so that you too can experience what is breathing you. Not that you should, just that you can ;).

Individuals and Entrepreneurs

There are so many great things about being independent -- as an entrepreneur owning your own business, an entrepreneur in an organization, or an individual having a unique talent or product or an intensely compelling and individual calling.

It’s great to be your own boss; to make your own decisions without having to consult someone else or get other’s buy-in. You can turn on a dime, abandon projects that aren’t working and try things just for the fun of it. Facts and figures are not always required. You can fly by the seat of your pants, rely on your intuition and go on a hunch. As great as having an individual calling can be it can be equally scary and overwhelming, if not paralyzing.


Teams and Organizations

At BodyMindBusiness, we live for that giddy feeling when we witness high-fives exchanged between co-workers who connect on something special. If this inspired feeling is what you are seeking in your organization, you are in the right place. You know what we are talking about -- that feeling of flow, harmony, juiciness, inclusion, strength and unstoppable unity.

Our most inspired work is in helping you remember and recharge the common motivating force that brought your team together and to help you realize how easily your organization can achieve the impossible and beyond.

One of our mottos at BodyMindBusiness is “it doesn’t have to be hard” and it really doesn’t. 

Individuals and Entrepreneurs

Where are you stuck? Maybe we can help. We are here. 

Coaching with Deb

Deb invests herself in people who have resolve and want to free themselves from one of life's pinch-points, or use a crisis as an opportunity to repattern their life, or simply to re-calibrate their ear to hear their true voice -- over the monkey-mind head chatter and society telling them what they “should” do.

Deb has systematic AND intuitive magic. She coaches from an alignment of deep intuition and YOUR higher, heartfelt agenda so you can dare to do things differently and realize abundance. So you stop making decisions from a place of fear and financial dependency; but rather from a place of love. So you can create a sustainable living doing what you love with those you love. So you can be in your full creative expression -- bringing your truest gift to the world -- your very being living a life filled with peace, harmony and joy.

To know yourself as love -- that is freedom!


We seek those who are seeking us

Who are you?

Let's have a conversation

Shana Hogg

Business Owner, Way Beyond Fitness, LLC, Bozeman, MT

[Shana was ALL the above!]

"If you are ready to take a quantum leap in your life and business NOW, Debra is the coach for you! Deb holds a space of power for me that I have never experienced. She truly partners with me and holds me as a successful, authentic, and powerful person.  When we started, Deb truly believed in me more than I believed in myself and made some of the hardest decisions in my life and business 'easy' with her guidance, support, and direction.

With her intuitive support, tools, strategy and tenacity, I created a 6-figure business in less than 3 days that is completely aligned with who I am and how I want to work with my clients. I enrolled my first ideal client into my “Heal Your Body – Heal Life” 6-month Transformational Program just one day after I was “open for business”!  I could never have accomplished this feat without her and the accountability and direction of her powerful work.  

Deb helped me shift my beliefs from "I could only imagine living the business and life I dream' to 'I am living the business and life of my dreams'.  She guided me to a successful business and cut the path of starting my own successful business by months, if not years.

For the first time, I feel authentic when it comes to sales and marketing because my business is aligned with my values. Not to mention that I feel healthier and more present for my family because I am making extraordinary money and I am making an extraordinary difference for my client, while only working only HALF the hours. I feel like I have my life back and we have only just begun." 

If you suffer from limited joint pain, we invite you to reach out to Shana. She will help you "fix your shit".

Tara Ihde

Tara knows WHO she is! Here are some of her roles beyond being a wife and mom: Vet Tech at Valley View Veterinarian Clinic; Business Owner, T's Equine Touch; and Certified Health Coach at OPTAVIA! You need to know her - she will rock your world ;)
Buhl, ID

"When I first met Deb I was interviewing to work for her. I was in a place where I did not know what I wanted to do, we moved just after getting married, I had no idea how to be a stay at home wife, my previous job of coaching equestrian athletes was a 24/7 job and all I knew I need was to have purpose. Her way of interviewing someone would normally scare some people but I instantly knew she could care less if I knew anything about working in a lab, she wanted to know who I was, if we would work well together. I left that interview so kind boggled as to if I even knew myself!!!!

Mentally and emotionally I was numb, I was lost! I was waiting for someone, ANYONE, to tell me what to do. I had been told my whole life what would be next, till then. I got the job and I’m FOREVER thankful as that is when Deb truly changed my life. I thought Deb was kind, powerful, and very good at navigating what needed to be accomplished but always made her team part of the process. She wasn’t your typical boss. We created systems, we made things flow, and it was our lab not just hers.

Then… Deb offered life coaching to anyone who wanted to as an effort to create a stronger relationship and work flow we must know our core values. We did wellness Wednesday’s and I’ll never forget my first session one on one.

I discovered that all the answers of what I needed were within. I knew them, I just hadn’t truly asked myself until Deb took me through a session of not worrying about if’s or “should”. In one session I painted a clear picture of what I wanted in life. It was emotionally, it was vulnerable but it was FREEING.

Even though it was 6 years ago I now know the answers are within me and I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do next, I decide, a stay true to my core values, and because of this my marriage is saved, and thriving, I have the two kids, and the little girl I envisioned that very first session, my dreams of always having horses and helping other is thriving.

If you are just living, and not dreaming, struggling in any fashion of your life, I invite you to schedule some time with Deb because she is one of a kind at her work, and her work is life changing if you open yourself up and explore what is possible.

Deb isn’t a counselor, I’d define her has a solutions expert. If you need to find a solution to your current emotional, financial or spiritual state then waste no more time and reach out to Deb."

Our offerings

Our only program is to unprogram! So we do not sell any predetermined, out-of-the-box, ready-to-wear programs. There is not a one-size-fits-all program because true Mastery comes from within. Helping people reclaim the truth that is already inside them and to find the internal courage to close the gap between the life they are living and a life filled with true joy, well-being and purpose is my true service. We inspire people to take conscious control of their lives, to express themselves fully and find authentic happiness in whatever way is perfect for them. We can only do that co-creatively with you! Consequently, we are co-creators in agreement with you and the transformation you are seeking is created through this exchange. 

There is however, a collection of exercises that shown to be consistently valuable for her clients, and we offer them to you freely, just let us know where to email them. Enjoy!

Access the collection of exercises now.

Deb's Coaching Style

She coaches from an alignment to her soul's purpose, deep intuition and connection to her client's higher, heartfelt agenda. She rolls up her sleeves to match your grit and energy.

If you are attached to your circumstances and not eager to shift, Deb is NOT the coach for you.

You have to understand, Deb hasn’t always lived free and she feels the contrast in her body; it's uncomfortable for her. Life has been her greatest teacher -- she knows self-hate, self-sabotaging behaviors and what it feels like to live someone else's dream, so she feels the tension. It's intolerable, but she uses the contrast to meet you and attune you to a higher vibration.

Her stories no longer define her, but they do offer you an entry point into her cellular memory. You will understand why her compassion and empathy for all beings and unflagging belief in you is so strong. You will feel this place of safety and zero judgment that drives her loving approach -- sometimes gentle and other times not so much -- that may inspire you to shed all that no longer serves you.

She has completed professional life-coach training curriculums like the Hilton Johnson’s Health Coach Training Program and the DreamBuilder program from Life Mastery Institute. These trainings helped her refine her talents into a unique co-active coaching style and introduced her to tools that help her serve her clients, but her true gift is her ability to hold you in the vibration of love. So you can acclimate to the highest frequency available to you with ease and be rooted in your knowing -- beyond your thinking and intellect. Making conscious decisions from your knowing (your true self, God expressing through you) will transform and transmute your behavior and all fears into freedom, changing the trajectory of your life. All that no longer serves you will simply fall away. 

What is Unprogramming?

As a society, we are conditioned to believe certain things about who we are, what success looks like and how we should live our lives. We have agreed to cultural constructs about money, wealth, career, productivity, health, appearance and relationships. We identify with aspects of these collective agreements and this identification influences our behavior, the situations we encounter, and the people with whom we surround ourselves.

To make shift happen, we need to peel back this surface layer of conditioning that can obscure our true self from fully expressing our unique creative force. Unprogramming is the term we use for erasing this veil and giving ourselves permission to peer behind it.

Unprogramming empowers us to push aside who we think we should be, what we think we should do, have, want and how we think we should act. We create a window to our own true knowing and we give ourselves permission to reveal our truth to ourselves and others.

We've Noticed

A common thread appears with individuals who seek us at BodyMindBusiness. People often ask “What is so obvious to you that I cannot see? Will you teach me how to operate at the pace of love so that I too can experience true abundance and authentic happiness?” The people we are seeking who are seeking us know that there is something more. Sometimes they know what it is, sometimes they don’t and sometimes what they think it is is not at all what they discover once they realize their truth. That is how awesomely exciting a connection with your divine truth can be.

Typically, this connection requires two-phases. It isn’t a program or a recipe it just typically happens in two parts:

Phase I The Unprogramming

This is the hardest part but required to get to the juicy part. To get through a pinch-point or to operate at a higher level, we all must go through some unprogramming. The first step when you come to BodyMindBusiness is to recognize, acknowledge and release your self-limiting beliefs. You will need to get out of your head and let go of your own expectations of how things should be, of who you think you should be and release the expectations that others have for you that you have agreed to. Not so hard, right?

We all have this clutter and in some areas we are more entrenched than others. Completing the first pass doesn’t guarantee you won’t have to do it again as new things are revealed. Our knowing mantra that we wish to share with you is: You are free. You are free. You are free. Feel it, even if you have yet to believe it!

Homework assignment: Whenever you catch yourself saying, “It is going to turn out this way, I know it, because it always has” simply claim something new. Say instead, “I don’t know how it is going to turn out but all possibilities are available, welcome and allowed”.


Phase II The Retrieval

Once you have your self-chatter under control and you are beginning to remember who you are and to reclaim trust in your own worthiness, it is time to get started. Deb will assist you in retrieving your inspiration. She has a knack and an inspiration for helping you remember how and why you are here.

For some people this will be more like an extraction or a birthing event, for others it will just flow smoothly because you have always had an awareness and a relationship with it. And still others may decide that they are not ready. You will get out of it what you are ready to put into it and one thing is for certain: we are all capable and worthy of divinely creative and fulfilling self-expression in whatever way is perfect for each of us. Juicy!

How long does it take?

How long does it take to shift? An instant. It’s the setting up for the shift and creating the space for awareness of a new perspective that takes as long as it takes. 

Deb has been an intuitive, life fulfillment coach for more than 10 years both in and out of corporate America. She has coached individuals, business owners and corporate executives from the auspices of her own business and has coached employees of corporations while she was an employee herself. 

After considering all the clients she has coached over the years, they fall into three general categories. In her experience, completely transmuting a lifestyle takes roughly 24 hours. Deb has had clients consume those hours in less than 3 days, others integrate the shifting at a gentler pace of 3-6 months and some even years. Regardless how long it takes you to consume the 24 hours of coaching is up to you - but intend ALCHEMICAL change.

Client who are just needing to squeeze through a pinch point and do not require as much unprograming can get their BREAKTHROUGH in a 4-6 hour day or a few sessions of a couple hours. 

Then there are those clients who are not necessarily ready to shift, but want to peer in the the land of possibilities or those who have great self-awareness and just need a hand over the wall, feel complete in an hour or two as they have the CLARITY they need to manage their journey.


We created three offers based on these categories. 

We are only seeking those who are seeking us. We have shed limiting-beliefs about how and what things should be. We agree that we are not in agreement with conventional marketing schemes. They feel icky; the “sales funnel” feels like manipulation. The energy created from attracting clients from this place, is too low density for us to create from our genius. For us to provide our highest level of service, we must feel the inspiration freely flowing at the pace of love. So here we are.

Your investment is in yourself and we will match your energy!


Intend radical change!

$9795 USD / 24-hours of intuitive coaching and every bit of knowledge and skillsets we can humanly transfer. 


We've got your back!

$2495 USD / 4-6 hours of intuitive coaching and Deb's magic to get you through the pinch point and beyond.


See what we see!

$297 USD / 1-2 hours of intuitive coaching to get clear of what is standing in your way and a pathway through.

Brianna Jones

Business Owner, Delible Doodles, Waipahu, HI

"The first coaching session with Deb was remarkable, she definitely has some sort of brain voodoo magic, her techniques helped me get through mental blocks, limiting beliefs, and pinch points work! It was the progress that I made in the first few sessions that awakened me to a new me, a me that DOES instead of thinks. Also, Deb’s mind work is fueled from her compassion and non-judgement, you can feel that her desire to help comes from a placed of deep love.

For the first time, I identified my fears and was able to see that it is fear that holds me back, this fear is fed by anxiety and overthinking. Debs coaching has allowed me to overcome perfectionism, know that I am enough, and her support sets me on fire, and I feel unstoppable. I was able to put my thoughts into action and create my henna business, then go a step further and promote it. Now I am not just thinking about selling my art, I am taking the steps to make it happen. This is all because of the tools Deb gave me to overcome fear, tame anxiety, and DO instead of think. I am enough and it feels amazing!

Deb’s support as a coach, I have no words for how grateful I am to have met her and share my journey with her. If you struggle with believing you can live free, live your passion, make money doing what you love, I encourage you reach out to her and schedule some time to make a shift. The magic pill that she gave me that I continue to take is “fear and excitement feel the same in the body”. So, get excited about the life you want and can have!"

Need inspiration? Follow Delible Doodles on Instagram

Let's think beyond the exchange of money!

How much is a new way of being worth to you? Industry values a significant personal transformation around $10K; however, you can not simply buy your way out of a limiting belief. At BodyMindBusiness, we believe that when you exchange money you are exchanging energy. When you contract for our services we want this exchange to be of the highest energy available for the highest good of our clients and ourselves and to be an equal exchange of energy. Claiming a new way of being is an investment made by YOU, through YOU and unique to YOU and requires an energetic investment equal and worthy of your expression and creative drive. We will simply match what you are willing to invest.

This may seem confusing to you at first and requires a bit of explanation. There are two layers to any transaction.

  1. The actual exchange of goods or services for currency or compensation and,
  2. The energetic exchange between the two parties

The buyer is satisfied with a transaction when she feels she received value that was commensurate with the dollars she paid. And the seller is satisfied with a transaction when he feels like he was paid adequately given the value of his product. When both parties are happy, there is an equal exchange of energy. A mismatch of energy can lead to dissatisfaction for one or both parties and can create stress, anger, frustration, shame, resentment, fear and remorse.

You will not be able to claim your newly inspired way of being in alignment with your true full expression from a transaction originating from low level energy like shame, scarcity and fear. And we will not be able to find our zingy, delicious inspiration in helping you remember your divine purpose when we have agreed to something that is partnered with stress or resentment.

As we mentioned, we do not sell an out-of-the-box, ready-to-wear program. We consider ourselves co-creators in agreement with you and the transformation you are seeking is created through our exchange. As such, it is essential that we start out on the right foot and that we agree to match energies from the start. I ask you again, How much is it worth to you to claim a whole new way of being and to remember how you serve in your full expression?

The first step in your transformation is to initiate a conversation with one of us at BodyMindBusiness and this is completely free. We want to hear about you, your thoughts, desires, ideas and inspiration. We want to determine if you are a good fit for us and for you to decide if we are a good fit for you. All conversations are confidential.

If we are all in agreement to continue this relationship, we will ask you to sign a Claim of Understanding. As part of this understanding, we will ask you to create a proposal for compensation. There is no template for this proposal. It is completely up to you and all options are considered. We simply ask that you consult with your knowing and ask yourself how much this transformation is worth to you and what are you willing to invest. If you are unsure at first and feel like you can only make a minimal investment, we completely understand. Please propose a compensation solution that feels right and truthful for you.

The compensation proposal does not need to be completed prior to your first consultation or coaching session and can be flexible and modified at any time if it is in the highest good of you and BodyMindBusiness. BodyMindBusiness simply matches the investment you are willing to make if we are in alignment with your truth. We reserve the right to decline your proposal, renegotiate and/or dissolve the relationship if we are not aligned with your energetic investment and we determine that it is not in our highest good at the time. We do not judge, we do not evaluate based on the highest bidder. Our purpose is to find that zingy, awesomely-inspired, fantastically juicy free flow frequency that arises from helping you or your team transform to a new way of being and remember what truly divine, creative, unique and worthy beings we all are.

Let's connect, we are very curious to meet you and to hear your story!

Coaching for oils!

Some find this idea to be a mind-bender. Because we want to transmute the pay-for-service economic structure, we would rather you not pay us. We really don’t want to provide you a service in exchange for money. We want to have a stake in your inspiration because we love the energy exchanged when you are on fire, wholly inspired and ready to seize the moment. We want you to feel that same thing mirrored back to you by us.

Deb was "downloaded" with an ingenious way to throw out the pay-for-service model and infuse our offerings with an investment plan. Raindrop provides an innovative system to dissolve the ‘starving artists syndrome’ for creative humans across the globe. 

When you join Raindrop as an Artist, you will make both an energetic and a monetary investment but you do not pay us. We have woven the payout structure of a multi-level marketing company into an online learning and teaching platform where artists can freely share and teach their artistry. 

You "pay" to learn from a soulicious community of artists by enrolling in dōTERRA and buying products you will use and enjoy. As Raindrop Inc grows your monthly purchase commitment stays the same. We are in this together and Raindrop Artists, Investors and Members get us all -- at a fraction of the cost for any one of our services, and the value will multiply with each and every enrollment. That is serious value appreciation for the greater good of all. You are signing up for a whole new way of being… in financial freedom, in community and in inspiration.

Learn more about Raindrop 💧

Teams and Organizations

Where are you stuck? Maybe we can help. We are here. . 

Unprogramming means we are inviting you to throw out all the masters, the experts, the authorities, and the “they who say you should…”. and recreate your team’s true brilliance.

Teams and organizations constantly shift and change, coming together and dissolving, working well and then not. This is completely natural and inescapable so stop resisting it and learn to go with the flow.

When we work with teams and organizations at BodyMindBusiness, we start with two fundamental concepts.

  1. You possess everything you need, right here and right now. Everyone matters, contributes and adds value even if it is only their presence.
  2. Commit to supporting each other-- build each other up. Recognize the truth of who and what each of you are –special, unique, fully capable, creative, extraordinary beings – and feel the truth of your purpose.

From there all things are possible. Your organization will automatically shift into alignment. Team members who felt stuck before may realize that their truth of purpose is not aligned and other possibilities will be presented to them. Team members who were afraid before will realize that they are fully supported by their co-workers and will begin to achieve amazing results. Teams may realize that their goals weren’t big enough and they will shift to dream even bigger! The ebb and flow will keep you moving forward.

Sound too good to be true? Well don’t sell yourself short. It's not about what BodyMindBusiness has to offer you, it is about what you can offer yourself. It is all within you right now. What we do for you is shine the light on what you already know is true. We are certain that by reading these words, you are starting to think differently and you are at this moment allowing shift to happen.

Start a conversation today!

We seek those who are seeking us

How would you describe your team or organization?

Ian Bonner

DH Research Associate, Monsanto, Filer, ID

"Megan’s work performance had been deteriorating; her attitude was becoming negative and toxic to the team. There was very little trust between the two of us, which only made matters worse as constructive criticism fell on deaf ears. It was clear that she felt our team’s leadership was simply “out to get her”, so any discussions related to her performance were digested as a premeditated step towards her firing.

 Megan was one of our oldest (in terms of employment) team members and we did not want to lose her, but her work ethic and soured attitude made the path forward difficult. To be honest, it most other cases we probably would have taken the “easy” route of termination, but we all knew there was a lot of potential in Megan and we just needed to get past whatever barrier was holding us back. Because it was clear that none of us on the team were equipped to break that barrier, we turned to Deb’s help to try and get through to Megan.

After working with Deb, it became clear that Megan had heard and believed the fact that we were not pushing to terminate her position, and that she was in control of her actions and our reactions. This breakthrough in understanding had over-night changes to her attitude towards work and the level of trust between the two of us. Over the next few weeks her work efficiencies turned around, and her willingness to communicate with me opened up. She was no longer timid or afraid to admit faults or mistakes, and was always eager to ask questions and accept criticism. Her team members began speaking more positively of her, recognizing her efforts during our team meetings. She became a leader figure in team exercises and has become a calm and assertive pillar within our team.

This month we recognized Megan as our Team Member of the Month for her great attitude, her role as a partner to others, and her willingness to communicate concerns and problems. Prior to Deb’s involvement I would not have imagined this result would have been achievable. I think it is worth noting that there was no physical change or additional training that enabled Megan to change. Deb’s guidance simply helped Megan to recognize and utilize her potential and skills. Allowing people to believe in themselves and appreciate their capacity in the workplace is extremely valuable and powerful, and for that I am extremely grateful to Deb. Without Deb’s intervention, I am sure we would have lost one of our best team members.

Attached are two figures depicting Megan’s work performance on two of our most critical tasks. She is exceeding our goals and applying herself in a very positive and productive way."

Nick Ihde

Site Lead, Monsanto, Filer, ID

"Facing challenges working efficiently, under a tight deadline, and maintaining quality; I requested Deb’s assistance helping myself work through a production challenge faced with our seed processing operation.  With her guidance, we mapped out our workflow to identify all steps within the process.  Next, we identified areas where issues were surfacing and worked back to pinpoint the source of the issue.  Lastly, and most effectively, she brought in all members of the team from hourly employees, full time members, and supervisors to assist in the process. 

With all eyes examining our workflow, we pinpointed any additional pinch points overlooked and then started tackling solutions.  Some of the biggest challenges faced in terms of productivity and quality were resolved by the communication and fresh ideas from the whole team.  Not every idea from the team was the correct solution, but paired with other tweaks to the system, we overcame significant hurdles. 

In this situation, Deb helped us map out our workflow, suggested how to work through the challenge with the team, and ultimately moderated a session that allowed the team to voice their opinions and create solutions as one team.  If I had continued to make decisions from the top down, our productivity and quality goals would not have been met that season.  Deb’s guidance was valuable to the operation and most importantly, to our team.  From that date, their ownership and work also improved with the operation."

Co-Create with Kristin & Deb

There is no scarcity of ideas. Keep in mind, everything is created twice, first in thought second in thing. We value critical thinking and your co-creative energy to bring the best thoughts to fruition to help you live a life you love, with those you love.

BodyMindBusiness was founded to help conscious business leaders, corporate executives, business owners, and mission‐driven entrepreneurs unlock innovation and create a dynamic, authentic culture and workplace that dramatically enhances organizational performance and profits. The vision was to compassionately connect humanity through the way we work, think and live. And so we are! And so it is!

Being your true self in ease with your team and organization, knowing YOU are enough at work and home is true freedom. Knowing THIS is creating a happier planet for all, is pure bliss.

Love to Recreate? So do we!

Recreate or re-create is there really a difference? 

What will happen if you stop agreeing to the patterns of your corporate structure and culture? We are here to help you feel safe in the process of realizing what that looks like for you and your organization. 

We do not agree that because things have always been a certain way, that it is the way it should be. Are you willing to live beyond what you know and beyond your current experiences? We do not support idolizing an outcome, but are you willing to work in a new way that you have not yet known or even thought possible?

Tell us where you are stuck, what you want to experience, and maybe we can help you. 

Our intent is to help you lift beyond your “stuckness”. We promise to challenge your current way of thinking and guide you into your true knowing. We don’t have a program that you can review and evaluate as we offer an unprograming program, which is a co-creative process that can only be defined as it unfolds. It can be documented, but not before it is created and that requires YOU. This process of unprograming and recreating your teams and/or organization will feel much like extreme recreation. Curious?

If we find we are a fit, we are willing to create space in our simple, uneventful lifestyles and show up fully for your cause for as long as it takes as long as it is serves all involved. Although we are not willing to collect or renew a certification for your need to check a box that we qualify, we are however, willing to expand our skill sets to support you. Kristin loves getting lost in research and writing code and Debra yields to the energetic flow and can summarize it in a visual for all to understand and embody.

We thrive in co-creating solutions and coming up with a simple operational plan that has flow and elegance. Our collective brilliance is working out bottle necks, pinch points and we can smooth anything that needs to be smoothed. Kristin likes to noodle over what the solution can be and Deb likes to get it out of people. While Kristin is asking why, Deb keeps the team grounded and creates a safe place to release what they have claimed or have experienced up until now, and find their courage to step in, reclaim and, recreate what they have never known and beyond that they dreamed they could experience in their workplace. 

We will release what we tend to resist, such as stepping foot into another conference room or the requirement of scheduling calls across different time zones. We too are not invested in what we have known and if you are willing to release all that is not working and join forces, we will match you. Our collective energies will elevate our thinking beyond what any one of us could realize on our own. That is juicy!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead

It all starts with a conversation. We are here.

Let's wonderstorm possiblities!

Matt Brenneman

Testing Systems Lead, Monsanto, Saint Louis, MO

"In business and in life sometimes we are most perplexed by the things we believe to be true. Deb enabled a change of perspective and extracted the raw building materials that were inside me that I could not access on my own. 

On this particular instance, change was starting to occur on our organization and our group was managing through a budget limited period. I knew we had to find a way to stay relevant and participate within the larger organization, but could not find the words or create the plan to do so. I had the chance to tell Deb of my circumstance and that planning this out was not working out during a normal working week. 

At her suggestion, she made herself available on a Saturday so that we could take the time to block out the distractions of the week and focus on this activity alone. This alone was a great lead in. To make myself completely available to this project and for her to sacrifice her personal time to make it possible. 

When we met, Deb did not try to tell me how to plan or what to plan, she just made sure that I was truly in the room and putting effort into this process. At one point, I remember shuffling through my computer trying to dig up information when she exclaimed how what I needed was not in a reference document, it was in my head and we would create it. The few hours after was a bit of a birthing process, but very sweet when we saw what we delivered. 

Deb asked the questions that prompted thought and we documented everything that came out. By the time we were done I had 3 large pieces of paper full of notes and a clear direction. In the following days, I could transfer all of that into 2 slides that told a compelling story. I shared those slides with leadership and they made it into several Leadership level presentations on strategic direction for our organization.  I am now in Saint Louis in a role that impacts all North America. Little did I know that the documentation we created that day was really a resume. 

Every organization needs to be smart enough to direct its steps with true purpose and intent. It is so easy to get busy surviving and we forget the things that make us thrive. Deb Jones has a special skill for assessing current state and helping to align purpose and activity. This is something that you never forget once you learn, but must be exercised regularly to be effective. With Deb, you not only get the time it takes to help learn and direct action, she will follow up with accountability. This is one of the things that sets her apart. It is not just the creation of a map; it is the skills and accountability to be able to read it and take the journey."


Since the summer of 2018, we've been "jobbing" with iVention. Even though our contracted position feels kinda like a job and has consumed much of our time and attention -- it's more than just a job. 

We dusted off many skills and learned new ones. We've developed and gather tools as we co-created a new way of being for iVentinon. We are here.

Will our experience here be a case study for what we can do for your business?

Will we bring it into the future with us, as maybe the clients who seek us need iLES as a tool for their lab?

We don't know, we are just here allowing it to be as it is since we trust the unknown because we know who we are and we are in our knowing. :)

Our souls never pass up on an opportunity to learn and co-create, especially in partnership.

Got LIMS will travel, let's talk.

Ideas Manifested

You know that feeling when you are in flow? We do. We crave it. We allow it. We honor it. But we never force it, as "IT" doesn't play that game. Sometimes we ask WTH was that all about, and we simply allow it to be as it is. Here are a few ideas that we continue to nurture as they have become a "thing".


Like a raindrop, the expression of our passions, purpose and talents ripple through the universe touching others in ways we never expected. Raindrop Incorporated is a business and lifestyle support community to help others find the financial freedom to pursue their dreams.

While all passions and talents are brilliant, not all of them can nor should pay the bills. Learn how to infuse an optimized multi-level marketing business into your projects or business and release the agreement that it has to be hard to make ends meet. As you infuse your purpose, you will also invest in  and support others in their journey towards life fulfillment. Participate in lifting the energy and inspiration of the whole community and beyond.

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We couldn’t figure out why there wasn’t a good digital business card solution. And, since we love screens and we are all about sharing, we invented our own. Simply share your contact information with others through a personalized Bizcard link that can be texted, emailed or included as a QR code on your print business card.  Use our custom design services to create a memorable image that reflects your unique style. Share who you are, anytime, anywhere from any device.

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Dame Ranch Designs

Dame Ranch Designs logo graphics and web design is a creative force inspired by technology and screens. In a world where an online presence is essential to any individual, business or organization who is trying to create change, we desire to enable you and share in this creative process.

For us, there is no prescriptive process or list of pages that you must have for your website. We dive deeper to discover what, why and how you desire to reveal your passion and purpose to the world. Be prepared to look at yourself, your business or organization in a whole new way.

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