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We like to say that the worst thing that can happen if we find we are not a fit to work together, is you leave feeling better about yourself. That's our signature ;)

Besides, you never know who you might meet that will change you life!

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Serving through selfcare and authentic expression

Raindrop holds space for voices and ideas to be nurtured and expressed - across all peoples, equally in a system and community that FEEDS artists. Raindrop is expansive - it provides a “both-and” way of living -- dissolving the ‘starving artist syndrome’. It’s a co-created community and portal that feeds artists, service-based business owners and entrepreneurial-minded people to live their artistry -- being in their full expression and creating a sustainable living doing what we love in a way that ripples joy and raises the vibration of the planet.

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The Net

The 'net of hands' was a metaphor used in a channeled lecture by Paul Selig on Oct 28, 2020, and is what inspired the creation of this podcast. We imagined that our hands are outstretched and being taken by others and we invoked the collective by identification of the self in a pluralized state. "I am one of many. I am not separate from my Source...I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth. I am free. I am free. I am free.”

In the metaphor we became the net that loves and heals, that cannot deny the Divine in another, regardless of what he presents as, what he believes he has done, she has done, or thought she was. As The denial of the Divine takes place within the self. As you have denied your own divinity, you have denied it in others, you have claimed separation from self, and your own true nature endowed this prospect with intention to create other things and claimed a world on the brink of great change."

May this podcast be what it wants to be through us.

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Cup of Color

Grab your favorite drink, get cozy, relax and join Valentina and Deb on a Zoom call to get inspired and attune to a new way of relating to yourself and others.

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