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Meet Valentina

She helps career-minded women that are tired of tolerating less than they deserve own their story, awaken their feminine heart and inspire the most authentic, deep-soul blissful relationships with those who see their value.

Joining from Germany!

Meet Debra

She too is passionate about authentic living and helps individuals, business owners and corporate executives feel safe when they courageously enter into a love affair with the unknown as they reclaim the way they work, think and live to find true freedom.

Joining from the United States!

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Our cups  are full and overflowing with love to support you.

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Grab your favorite drink, get cozy, relax and join Valentina and Deb on a the next Zoom call to get inspired and attune to a new way of relating to yourself and others.

We do not have a set schedule for these calls. They will be scheduled as we feel inspired to do so as we are in agreement to being surrendered to flow and spontaneity. Until then, check out the replays below. Feel the love!









Available Replays

May you be inspired by the love, gratitude and openness in the sharing in these calls.

Please respect the content, as we are courageously vulnerable, creating a safe place for you to meet us, on a call, or simply connecting to our energy through the replays. Keep in mind we are not therapists or prescribing any solutions, only holding you powerful to take responsibity for your life and access your own truth as you have a right to be as you are and YOU are enough. Get cozy, relax and get inspired. May you close filling more full and fulfilled. If you want additional support, please reach out. We are here.

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