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  • Why Trust Me? Trust Starts with YOU Being in Your Knowing. Let's Connect, and Together, We'll Uncover if Our Energy is a Match for Your Journey.

  • Why Listen to Me? I've Triumphed Over Self-Sabotage, Reclaimed My Freedom, and Fostered Positive Change for Those I Serve.

  • Empowerment is Essential: Don't Surrender Your Power. Be Relentless in Embracing Responsibility for Yourself and Your Business.

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Her superpower is authentic accountability!

For One or Many, Deb's Got Your Back!

  • Got Tension? Whether you're an individual navigating personal challenges or part of a team facing internal friction, Deb's expertise in values-based leadership and appreciative inquiry helps you identify and release tension, fostering growth, harmony, and success.

  • Got Resistance? Whether you're an individual experiencing resistance on your personal growth journey or part of a team resisting change and new initiatives, Deb's approach helps you uncover the source of resistance and paves the way for values-aligned strategies, adaptability, and progress.

  • Want Wholeness? Whether you're an individual seeking personal wholeness and fulfillment or a team striving for enhanced performance and cohesiveness, Deb's holistic approach integrates mind, body, and spirit. Through values-based leadership and appreciative inquiry, she will guide you towards aligning purpose and values for sustained success.


"Do you remember when the Wizard leaves Oz in his hot air balloon? Dorothy feels alone, and she’s afraid that she will never find her way to the one place where she truly longs to be. Then Glinda, the good witch, appears.

Dorothy (to Glinda): Oh, will you help me? Can you help me? Glinda: You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas. Dorothy: I have? Scarecrow: Then why didn’t you tell her? Glinda: If I told her, she wouldn’t have believed me. She had to learn it for herself.

Before I met Debra Jones, I was Dorothy.

Deb became my Glinda. After my VIP Day and personal coaching sessions, I understood exactly who I am and how to use that self-awareness, both personally and professionally. Deb helped me understand – and believe – that my business can reach new heights. Just like the Wizard in his balloon!"

Laura Rhodes, Business Owner, Third Sector Consulting, Bozeman, MT

Before I met Deb Jones, I was fearful and mistrusting. Yet, in just 2-4 weeks, Deb was able to guide me through monumental changes, allowing me to just stop the anxiety and fear producing behaviors, get out of my head, care for and trust others, and begin living instead of just inadequately floundering through my existence. She gave me tools to avoid old habitual behaviors and free myself from my negative self-talk. She intuitively worked with me, helping me to find the strength that resides within me and resources to maintain a positive energy flow. These changes will last the rest of my life as I no longer feel imprisoned. I have finally squeaked through a gate in my wall and realize how wondrous the world is on the outside-I choose to never go back. With Deb as my guide, I have found success and nurturing in my work environment in a way that I have never experienced in the 25 years of being in the workforce. I come to work to feel the connections with my co-workers and to produce quality work, which helps the people I work with to radiate the same nurturing energy to people they come in contact with. This observable ripple effect has affected the entire workplace and continues to radiate out into the world. I love coming to work for the first time. I have thrived under her tough, deep questioning and unconditional love. I feel the day we met was the most fortuitous of my life. We call Deb the chief happiness officer at the Filer site. She inspires everyone to take personal action and to make oneself happier by creating more wellness in our lives. She has created a culture of love and caring in the workplace. Deb has made a personal impact on many of the staff just by being supportive and nonjudgmental, and has permanently changed our lives for the better. Deb truly is the “People Whisperer”.

Gail Hobbs, Wheat Quality Lab Technician, Monsanto, Filer, ID

"Facing challenges working efficiently, under a tight deadline, and maintaining quality; I requested Deb’s assistance helping myself work through a production challenge faced with our seed processing operation. With her guidance, we mapped out our workflow to identify all steps within the process. Next, we identified areas where issues were surfacing and worked back to pinpoint the source of the issue. Lastly, and most effectively, she brought in all members of the team from hourly employees, full time members, and supervisors to assist in the process. With all eyes examining our workflow, we pinpointed any additional pinch points overlooked and then started tackling solutions. Some of the biggest challenges faced in terms of productivity and quality were resolved by the communication and fresh ideas from the whole team. Not every idea from the team was the correct solution, but paired with other tweaks to the system, we overcame significant hurdles. In this situation, Deb helped us map out our workflow, suggested how to work through the challenge with the team, and ultimately moderated a session that allowed the team to voice their opinions and create solutions as one team. If I had continued to make decisions from the top down, our productivity and quality goals would not have been met that season. Deb’s guidance was valuable to the operation and most importantly, to our team. From that date, their ownership and work also improved with the operation."

Nick Ihde, Site Lead, Monsanto, Filer, ID

"Megan’s work performance had been deteriorating; her attitude was becoming negative and toxic to the team. There was very little trust between the two of us, which only made matters worse as constructive criticism fell on deaf ears. It was clear that she felt our team’s leadership was simply “out to get her”, so any discussions related to her performance were digested as a premeditated step towards her firing.

Megan was one of our oldest (in terms of employment) team members and we did not want to lose her, but her work ethic and soured attitude made the path forward difficult. To be honest, it most other cases we probably would have taken the “easy” route of termination, but we all knew there was a lot of potential in Megan and we just needed to get past whatever barrier was holding us back. Because it was clear that none of us on the team were equipped to break that barrier, we turned to Deb’s help to try and get through to Megan.

After working with Deb, it became clear that Megan had heard and believed the fact that we were not pushing to terminate her position, and that she was in control of her actions and our reactions. This breakthrough in understanding had over-night changes to her attitude towards work and the level of trust between the two of us. Over the next few weeks her work efficiencies turned around, and her willingness to communicate with me opened up. She was no longer timid or afraid to admit faults or mistakes, and was always eager to ask questions and accept criticism. Her team members began speaking more positively of her, recognizing her efforts during our team meetings. She became a leader figure in team exercises and has become a calm and assertive pillar within our team.

This month we recognized Megan as our Team Member of the Month for her great attitude, her role as a partner to others, and her willingness to communicate concerns and problems. Prior to Deb’s involvement I would not have imagined this result would have been achievable. I think it is worth noting that there was no physical change or additional training that enabled Megan to change. Deb’s guidance simply helped Megan to recognize and utilize her potential and skills. Allowing people to believe in themselves and appreciate their capacity in the workplace is extremely valuable and powerful, and for that I am extremely grateful to Deb. Without Deb’s intervention, I am sure we would have lost one of our best team members.

Below are two figures depicting Megan’s work performance on two of our most critical tasks. She is exceeding our goals and applying herself in a very positive and productive way.""

Ian Bonner, DH Research Associate, Monsanto, Filer, ID

Hi, I'm Deb Jones

Since my daughter's birth and a life-threatening battle with MRSA in 2005, my journey has been unwavering in its pursuit of wholeness, authenticity, and mindset elevation.

I hold certifications as a DreamBuilder Coach and Health Coach, but my true wisdom comes from over 50 years of learning from my greatest teachers - my daughter, horses, and the unpredictable turns of life itself.

They've instilled in me an unshakeable resolve to face uncertainty head-on.

I believe that conscious entrepreneurship and leadership are forces for good, but only when you
take full ownership and accountability for your life and experiences.

If your inner resources are not prioritized, you will never be the change you want to see in the world or find fulfillment in what can be liberating and joyous.

My core lesson, etched into my being, is simple yet profound: Never let the demands of clients, business, or life deplete your inner resources.

I've learned this on the deepest, most personal level, and it's transformed me into a relatable, non-judgmental advocate for clients who truly want to make a difference and create an island of sanity in the world.

My mission is clear: to help you harness your inner strength and prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to gracefully and powerfully navigate the challenges you and your team encounter.

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